5 Winter Home Staging Ideas to Help You Sell

5 Winter Home Staging Ideas to Help You Sell

  1. Winter isn’t knowing for being the best time to sell a house. Most buyers start looking in the spring in an effort to purchase a house before the end of summer rolls around. But, as a seller, there are times when you need to get your house sold over the winter.  Home Staging for the winter can be key to finding a qualified buyer.

While most people will tell you that it’s going to be harder to do, the opposite can actually be true. Why? Because during winter there’s less competition on the market for buyers to look at.

If you’re ready to get your house sold and don’t want to wait until spring, here are 5 home staging tips to help you sell right now.

  1. Heat the place up

As a homeowner you may not want to turn your heat up because you want to keep your heating costs low. But, as a home seller you want buyers to feel warm and cozy when they come in your house. The last thing you want is for buyers to think that your house is on the chilly side because it’s drafty or heard to heat.

So, if you have an open house or showing scheduled make sure to kick the heat up.

  1. Keep the decorations classic

If you’re selling during the winter you can help show buyers what it would be like to celebrate the holidays in your house, with a bit of home staging.  

Choose classic decorations to put up like white lights and a beautiful wreath over the door. This isn’t going to be the year to fill the yard with blow up Santas, but don’t let that stop you from decorating at all.

  1. Showoff the fireplace

There’s something about a fireplace that just invites people in and makes them feel comfortable in a space. If you have a fireplace make sure to use it during showings.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wood burning fireplace or gas, you want to show off this feature of your house during the winter months. A toasty fire on a cold winter day is the ultimate in home staging  

  1. Play to the senses

Our houses tend to take on different smells during the winter season. Fresh baked holiday cookies or cinnamon and oranges are great ways to play to the senses of your buyers.  Just get one of those frozen cookie dough rolls st the supermarket and think of it as “nesting” rather than home staging   Don’t forget to bring along a cookie sheet and spatula!

If you’re selling during the holidays you can even have some instrumental Christmas music playing in the background.

  1. Don’t forget about curb appeal

Just because your yard might be covered in snow doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about curb appeal. Make sure that you keep snow cleared from your driveway and sidewalks. If you are getting hit with a lot of snow think twice about where you are going to build up the snow piles or pay a snow plow company that can haul away the extra snow. Sellers will also want to make sure your gutters are clear to avoid damage to the roof.

Selling in the winter doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Make sure you still focus on showing off your house in the best light possible. Home staging is important but don’t forget the other tips for selling – like accommodating every showing you can and lighting up the rooms – still apply.

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