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5 Things Home Buyers Must Do Before Making a Purchase

Are you excited at the idea of buying a house but overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start? The process can seem like a lot to handle for home
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How to Prepare for Becoming a Homeowner

Becoming a homeowner is one of the biggest steps a person will take in their life. It is an expensive investment, and many first-time homeowners do not know where to
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What They Do Not Talk About: Problems First-Time Home Buyers Have

First-time home buyers are often blindsided by the many emotions of buying a house.  Most assume it will be all excitement and joy once they close. Unfortunately, most people also
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How (and Why) Home Buyers Can Get a Free Credit Report

Home buyers have probably heard all of the commercials encouraging you to check your free credit report. There are multiple companies that will help you do this, but there are
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4 Steps Home Buyers Will Want to Take

Buying a new home is no easy task.  It is an easy way to accumulate a large amount of debt in a short amount of time.  For this reason, many
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7 Simple Steps to Buying a House

If you are new to the home buying experience it can be incredibly overwhelming. Your attention is being pulled in a lot of different directions and you might not be
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Home Buyers: 7 Questions You Don’t Want to Forget to Ask When Buying a House

There are a number of things for home buyers to remember when buying a house. And when you find a house that you love, it can be hard to remember
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House Appraised Under Sale Price? Tips on How to Handle a Low Appraisal

Having a house appraised under sale price can create some difficulty for buyers and sellers. This is why it is always a tense time when waiting for an appraisal to
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Prepping to Sell a House? Avoid These Mistakes

Every homeowner hears the words renovate and repair when thinking about the steps to sell a house.  It is much easier to sell a house that is up to date
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